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In 2001 four guys planned to gather to start a rock ´n´ roll group. The drummer never showed up and the lead guitarist had a baby. The two remaining guitarist/composer and bass player decided to work on the repertoire while they waited for the rest of the group. Then the bass player had a terrible accident and nothing short of tore his whole foot off, at this time they were kind of convinced they were not meant to be in a rock group. The next best thing was country and klezmer music which they liked immensely - they then met a lot of girls, the girls sometimes participated - sometimes they went missing. There seemed to be a curse prohibiting a large gathering, they mostly met in pairs - one day the lead guitarist would appear and lay down some chords for a song, the next day a girl would appear out of the blue and add some vocals and words to the track. Then the composer would break into a rehearsal garage with yet another girl, and record some drums. Then the rehearsal garage would disappear and the girl with it.
At times they´d wonder what was real and what was fantasy, the perpeptually disappearing and reappearing hue-like personnel could quite possibly be ghosts, it seemed as likely as anything ever is.

The first 5ta herdeildin album was in that way an effort to capture ghosts on tape. By the magic of sequenser programs the bits and pieces could be sown together and some kind of material wholeness be acchieved.

When 5ta herdeildin soon transformed inexplicably into a live band, this album would be like the smelly nephew who you always worry might turn up at your birthday party, but then he could always be bringing gifts - thus a couple of songs became regulars at gigs, others were largely impossible to perform.

The group would then be operational for a couple more years, more girls would be met, girls would meet girls, and girls would meet boys. But whereever they went and whomever they were with, the ghosts interred in the first album would always stay with them, nevertheless, the group would release two more albums before disbanding in 2006.

This feature was made only in White_Label format, only a handful of copies, and hasn´t been available for some years, we´re therefore exuberantly proud to offer this remastered version, hoping it may pleasure you as well as haunt you.

The songs and the writers:

01 Guðrúnarvísur (gímaldin)
02 Undir Starkaðssteini (Loftur)
03 Við endimörk draums (Loftur/gímaldin)
04. Skáldi og fjallið (gímaldin)
05 Polkinn klezmer (Loftur)
06 Rangt eða rétt (Loftur/gímaldin)
07 Hringdans (Sonja)
08 Griðkublús (Loftur)
09 Fiskeldisbragur (Loftur)
10 Föðurbragur (gímaldin)
11 Elsku mamma (Unnur/Elvar/gímaldin)
12 Skref fyrir skref (Unnur/gímaldin/Ólafur Jónsson)


released December 24, 2001

gímaldin: söngur/gítar/mandólín/forritun
Loftur S. Loftsson: bassi/söngur
Sonja Lind Eyglóardóttir: söngur
Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir: söngur
Þórdís Claessen (ásláttur/trommur nr 11)
Elvar Geir Sævarsson: gítar (nr 11)

Upptaka og hljóðblöndun: Gísli Magnússon



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gímaldin Reykjavík, Iceland

Electro-midi-pop, Very alt-country, Folk Rock, , Anarchy metall, and so on

Started out as a new wave rocker, turned troubador, turned electro-ambient, then folk, spoken word, then country-ethno-barding, then remixer and back into rock, then blues and some dubbing. Examples of most phases on main site: www.gimaldin.com ... more

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