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Side A:

Tanya og Sasha um jólin.
Vísa eigum jólin framá haust
Læknirinn í regnkápunni

gímaldin assembled an allstar cast for his 2011 christmas album, featuring great singers like Jón Hallur Stefánsson, Hermann Stefánsson and Skúli mennski. These are all new songs but the stories and the spirit reach all the way back to the darkages and onwards from the opposite end, all the ingredients of a proper yuletide, break-ups, Alien abduction, domestic strife and all around terror, and the positive song about the idealistic doctor who crusades to cure all her patients before releasing them into the Holidays.

Stay tuned for Sides B and C

Hlið B
Veleyg vakir
Þjóðverjar passa Ísland

B-side to gímaldins previously released A-side, this time featuring amazing new artist Monika Frycova playing the uni-string. Here we have the beautiful Veleyg who stays awake while other people sleep, keeping everything in order - to grievous personal insult, and a Tribute to the German, French and Swedish who always take care of Iceland.

Enjoy and remember that the Man in Black is always on the outside.

Side C
Hún er ein um jólin
Third side to gímaldins Jólagestir gímaldins. This time featuring the Basement Bulgar Tapes Band, and a song about the lone nightwatch-girl who is left to fend for all born, dead and unborn ghosts.
Someone asked why there are three sides to this album, obviously we are introducing a new format for music as people keep calling the CD a dead medium, and the vinyl unsuitable as there are not enough vinyl players to go around. We are proposing a mathematical dilemma, three-sided music medium to be played wirelessly in free air.

But that will be all for now, have a good Alien reverse-Abduction Holiday, G


released November 24, 2013



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gímaldin Reykjavík, Iceland

Electro-midi-pop, Very alt-country, Folk Rock, , Anarchy metall, and so on

Started out as a new wave rocker, turned troubador, turned electro-ambient, then folk, spoken word, then country-ethno-barding, then remixer and back into rock, then blues and some dubbing. Examples of most phases on main site: ... more

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